So I work at this Christian daycare which I absolutely LOVE! the kids are my pride and joy :). They bring me such happiness and peace. The first few months I was being called in a lot to cover for the teachers which was great!

Then we had a change in management – new director. I noticed I was being called in less and less…less almost for a month. Now for my perspective I’m thinking “Did I do something wrong?” “Why is she doing this to me?”. Oh so many questions were running through my mind. Need I remind you I had to initiate communication because she would not give me no explanation. So I decided to call her and ask her “Mrs. Amanda am I in trouble? Did I do something wrong?” Her response on the phone was “We’ll I need someone who is altogether and interact with children. Your moods tend to swing (your really happy to really sad). You need to be happy and children don’t need to see us sad”.

After that statement I just hung up the phone. How I comprehended it was — your basically saying I’m mentally incompetent. On her end, I don’t know what she was thinking.

Over the months it just got worse, she wouldn’t acknowledge me or when I try to contact her via email or text – she wouldn’t respond. Then she hired another substitute! Now why would she need to do that? To push me out? What? The less she called me she gave more of my hours to this other sub.

Also, she kept me away from the baby room as well. Every time she did call me in I would be in the toddler room. Never baby room. I talked to one of my co-workers about it and she suggested I sit down and talk to her face to face.

I just don’t know what to do because its hard enough getting a job as it is and I’ve already been turned down from several retail stores for seasonal. I want to know what I should do.



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