What breaks in a moment may take years to mend. — Swedish Proverb
Death pays all debts. — William Shakespeare (1564-1616) 


9 thoughts on “Consequences 

  1. I can barely watch this. Bobby was an innocent. Yeah, I know he killed that creepy porn guy who was bullying LuAnn, but in this war between Jax and August Marks, he was caught like a rat in a trap. Bobby was sweet and always tried to find a peaceful solution. Remember when he was against Jax killing Clay? I don’t know, this was just so heartbreaking. What’s your take on it, my friend?

    1. It was fair game at this point and Jax should’ve known that August was going to send a firm a message. That’s what I mean Clay made the better president he was objective never allowed his emotions to gear his mind. August had no intent of letting Bobby go free regardless of the pastor n his indiscretions. Lie of betrayal cuts both ways an Jax had no mercy (when he was ever lied to) so August didn’t either when it came to Bobby.

      1. You’re right 100%, but it still sucked seeing him shoot Bobby so cold-bloodedly. And yes, Clay was more objective. Jax is very emotional which is why I liked him more. He gets intense and I like that. Otherwise, I see your point. But oh how sweet it was to see August get what was coming to him. 🙂

      2. I just wish he wasn’t so involved with his emotions. I mean he had hard time in the beginning like season 1 or 2? Idk I rather get business then let the feels cloud the better judgement especially

      3. Ok, yes, right, he did change from seasons 1 & 2. Then he was very influenced by reading JT’s journals and he was more for peaceful solutions. Remember he didn’t want to get into a war with The Mayans after they shot Cameron Hayes in the bar? And then Tig tells Clay that he doesn’t trust Jax to be able to pull the trigger when it’s time (he says “I don’t think he’s got the balls…).

        I think it was Tara being attacked by Romeo’s henchman later on and him finding out it was Clay behind it all that started his descent into a more violent frame of mind. Knowing that Tara might never operate again and finding out that Clay had killed Piney and had a hand in JT’s death hardened him. What do you think?

  2. No, I don’t think so. I find your new posts by going to this page or by seeing it when I scroll through my main WP page. Do you mean you have 2 new posts? Because I’ll look for them now. I just finished writing you a long answer about Jax! (sorry about the length!!) But being able to talk about this show gets me going.

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