That thickness you feel? It’s me inside. 

You love it cause you let me in. Your broken body is mine to repair…lol

Love? Nah it’s me inside sweetheart…making you believe it’s ‘LOVE’ 

Baby, the love you think is real is a lie. You foolish girl. I see your tears every night an I think how can I tell sweet lies 

Your crazy madness? That’s me baby– unleashing those demons, brining you to the verge of insanity. 

Don’t you see baby 🙂 – I’m the one you call every night and ascends upon your darkest hour. Do not be fooled baby…you’ll know my true face…only to think you’ve been dancing with the devil all these years. 

Soon enough I’ll carry you home darling.


2 thoughts on “Poem of Sin

    1. Did you read my disclaimer at the top? I said these are old diary entries I’ve kept over the years & I’m just now SHARING & I hope people would NOT take to heart or ‘read more into what this is’ …it’s a poem so leave it at that.

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